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Comprehensive Coverage of CSE(P): GS-I & CSAT through short notes, videos, MCQ of PYQs, Practice Sessions

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Our Learner's Reviews

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Madharapu Prathyusha
Assistant Director, Sports Authority Of India

Efficient execution of plan is important rather than long hours of study. Students in remote areas too need exposure to quality content.

Subhankar Pratyush Pathak
UPSC2021, 11th Rank

If you know a lot but not lot of depth, it is not going to help you in the examination. It is better to know less but as well as you can. Curated content by experienced IIPA Faculty will perhaps bridge this gap.

Gamini Singla
UPSC 2021 3rd Rank

Figure out social angle, every profession has a lot to give back to society. Assisted learning from reputed institutions will help students.

Ankita Agarwal
UPSC2021, 2nd Rank

Young people today should believe in themselves, make really good use of time because it is most precious resource. IIPA intervention in this area is praiseworthy.

Shruti Sharma
UPSC2021, 1st Rank

I will now get a platform to serve people. I am happy that an institution like IIPA is ready to assist learners like me.

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