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Sambhav: Any thing is possible 


Behind me is infinite power, before me is endless possibility, around me is boundless opportunity. In a time of constant distrust building trust , doing what needs to be done than doing what one is capable of doing is all about roles leaders play.

All competitive examinations, including Civil Services Examination (CSE), conducted by UPSC and State Public Service Commissions and recruiting agencies test aspirants about their competencies and motivation levels to take up the challenging roles on offer. Knowledge ,skill and attitude is in abundance in youth but only few make it to the top. What it takes to be selected is the secret sauce that Civil Service Mentoring (CSM) initiative is all about.

We offer curated content , both in short notes and video explainers, prepared by experience IIPA Faculty including experts popular for their teaching ability in the market. CSM also offers high quality learning content relevant for almost any competitive examination that have three (3) stage testing formats like MCQ based preliminary , short-answer based main examination and personality test. 

IIPA lectures on subjects of critical aspects of nation building, being offered to in-house career civil servants, are also made available to aspirants as value-add. 

We understand the “search cost” of quality reading materials and “time-value of money” to prepare the aspirants so that best possible quality content is made available in easy to learn formats, in a self-paced learning ecosystem. Our faculty will be privileged to even provide in-person guidance and clarification in due course. 

Civil Services Examination (CSE), conducted by UPSC every year, is a nationwide competitive examination and is one of the most ‘sought after’ examinations for recruitment to higher Civil Services of the Government of India.  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel referred to civil servants as the 'steel frame of India' while addressing the probationers of Administrative Services Officers in 1947 at Metcalf House, Delhi. Hon’ble PM Modi ji said on 28 October, 2017, ‘You are a member of service and not a mere job seeker’. Hon’ble PM also observed at Kevadia in 2019, ‘We need a bureaucracy that is creative & constructive, imaginative & innovative, proactive and polite, professional and progressive, energetic and enabling, efficient and effective, transparent and tech enabled.’ A Civil Servant has the honour and dignity of being a servant of the Indian people, not any individual master.



Civil Services Mentoring (CSM) initiative of IIPA management is all about -discovering you , defining you ,enhancing you and promoting brand YOU. It amplifies your ability to reach and access the best opportunities suited to YoU .CSM is also targeted towards enhancing your performance in decision making process , dealing with co-workers ,approaching citizens and customers and professional relationships ,making the right choice in work specialisation The CSM Perspective is all about self-knowledge of your core strengths and ingenuity of one’s personality that will help you the person approach challenges of life in your own way . We sharpen your own uniqueness found in varied combination of strength ,skills ,approaches and values - with mix of science-policy-culture perspective. It makes you stay relevant to the ever changing needs of a dynamic market ecosystem - to decide your role as a competitor or a person who complements the team

IIPA is an Institute of eminence specialized in the domain of Public Administration and Governance, aimed at knowledge dissemination catering to the needs of Civil Services. It is the right time IIPA initiates Capacity Building for the aspirational youth venturing to become Civil Servants. Civil Services Mentoring (CSM) is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of IIPA.    

  • Civil Services Mentoring (CSM)- MCQ
  • Civil Services Mentoring (CSM)- Short Answers  
  • Civil Services Mentoring (CSM)- CSAT
  • Civil Services Mentoring (CSM)- Personality Test


Personality Test 


Remember only you are responsible what you are. You are hired for your knowledge but fired for your attitude. Think like a leader . Solve the problem there are enough people to create. Collaborate to take advantage of your resources. Communicate clearly with passion and compassion. Leadership is not a title. We all can lead in our own sphere. 

Personality test is designed to test your endurance and commitment.  We have lost our purpose why we all are here, find your purpose , passion everyone has. 




  • Collection of past years’ Civil Services Examination (Preliminary) questions that one can practice and rate one’s progress.
  • Focused material on Public Administration and Sociology for CSE (Main)
  • Videos with descriptive answers
  • Synoptic answers of past years’ questions
  • Webinars on contemporary issues  
  • In-Person Training (In Association with Regional/Local Branches and DACE (Dr Ambedkar Centre of Excellance)  
  • Anytime, anywhere learning




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